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   We are an architectural studio based in Nicosia – Cyprus, specializing in a wide range and mixed palette of architectural projects of distinct nature.


  The architectural studio offers tailor-made concepts and solutions for projects of residential, commercial, industrial, sports and mix-use nature, guaranteeing a unique approach and identity for each project.


 Our sensitive approach to urban planning, detailed customization in interior design, landscaping and lighting are the main attributes that differentiate each project and guarantee a wider approach to it than just that of architecture itself.


   Collaborating with national and international well renowned companies excelling in the field of civil, electrical, mechanical and topographical consulting and/or engineering services, we undertake each and every project from the initial research phase of the preliminary concept design, to construction supervision and key turnover delivery, while also guaranteeing top quality maintenance interventions.


  Getting to know our clients and exchanging important information with them throughout all phases of our work is an essential and sought after part of the social aspect of architecture which we consider to be a very important part of our job.


    The creation of our own “FABoutique” Concept Store in 2018 has allowed us to collaborate and represent various world renowned design, furniture, lighting and décor brands with which we team up, taking the detail and custom design of our projects to a higher level.


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     Constantinos graduated as an architect from the Canterbury College of Art and School of Architecture (C.C.A.S.A) in the U.K. in 1968 and went on to complete post graduate Town Planning studies at Yale University in New York from where he also graduated in 1971.

    After a long and successful career specialising in classical residential architecture and rehabilitation numbering over 1000 projects including large scale constructions such as stadiums, hotels, holiday villages and commercial buildings, Constantinos retired in 2012 handing over the Fissentzides Architects legacy to his son Stéphane, remaining however as a consultant to the office due to his unprecedented experience and knowledge.

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   Stephane received his D.P.L.G. Architect’s Diploma in 2005 at the E.A.P.V.S. (Ecole d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine) School of Architecture, at the time part of the E.N.S.B.A. (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts) School of Fine Arts in the Saint Germain district of Paris, France.

   After 10 years of architectural, urban planning, landscaping, lighting, interior design studies and professional experience in Paris, he returned to Cyprus in 2007 to become the director of Fissentzides Architects Studio and owner of the Ermou 300 Project, a multipurpose and multifunctional hub for architecture, interior design, art, fashion, exhibitions, seminars, commerce and gastronomy.

   He is a registered Architect and member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber since 2007.


   Outside his architectural activities and qualifications, his passion for sports led him to be a member of the Board of Directors of APOEL FC Nicosia from 2013 to 2018 and his interest in travelling and gastronomy led him to become owner and director of Ermou 300 Kafeneio traditional Cypriot coffee shop from 2012 to 2014 and Ermou 300 Parapoulia traditional pimped Cypriot cuisine restaurant from 2015 to 2017.


   Last but not least, his passion for design has led him to create “FABoutique” in 2018, a concept store directly related to the interior and exterior design décor related tasks of various Fissentzides Architects Studio projects, in collaboration with various world renowned furniture, lighting and décor brands.



   Margo has graduated from the Krakow University of Technology in Poland with the Master of Architecture and Urban Design degree recognized by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA Part 1 & Part 2) in 2001.


     During her studies she has completed the Exchange Scholarship Program for “Design of Built Environment” at Vaasa University of Applied Science, Finland.

    She is a registered Architect and a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) since 2011.

    She has worked in various architecture companies in Poland (3 years), England (7 years) and in Cyprus (since 2010) gaining  knowledge regarding design aspects, technical solutions and building regulations specific for each country. Her duties were multi-disciplined and have extended to the design of low/high-rise residential, retail, offices, mixed-use developments, sacral architecture as well as Conservation and Listed Building rehabilitation.

    Her attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills ensure that every project she undertakes is meticulously accurate and of the highest standard.

   In 2018 she joined Fissentzides Architects Studio and since then she has been involved in multiple projects of residential, office, commercial, and mix-use nature as well as international competitions, for which FAStudio has been awarded various prizes.


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