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The Hanging Gardens of Ermou 300

Location:               Cyprus - Nicosia (Historical Centre)

Plot Size:              1,040m²

Built Surface Area:     680m²

Date of Origin:         1800 (Estimated)

Construction Date:      2010 Rehabilitation (Mix Use)

     The exterior garden is actually a vast interior garden to the entity of the project itself, linking all historical, rehabilitated buildings and modern extensions between themselves.


     In summer the traditional white sultanina grape vine covers the entire garden offering fresh shade and sweet edible grapes whereas in winter the falling foliage allows the sun to access and heat the entire garden.


     Traditional Cypriot citrus, olive, pine trees, bamboo, seasonal herbs and colorful flower plants make up most of the garden’s vegetation while a palm tree estimated to be of the Venetian period was the reason the residence swimming pool was conceived around it.




Cyprus, Nicosia



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