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Tα 300 Παραπούλια

Location:               Cyprus - Nicosia (Historical Centre)

Plot Size:              1,040m²

Built Surface Area:     680m²

Date of Origin:         1800 (Estimated)

Construction Date:      2010 Rehabilitation (Mix Use)


   In 2015 an open air restaurant was created in the vast interior garden, offering traditional Cypriot cuisine dishes with a twist, setting the trend for a new era of ‘pimped’ Cypriot gastronomy throughout the island.


   Shortly after its official opening the restaurant became talk of the town and within a few weeks it was the island’s favorite gastronomy experience, reaching international recognition by entering the Aegean A-List Magazine short list of the Best New Arrivals for restaurants in Europe and the Middle East in the summer of the same year.




Cyprus, Nicosia


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