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Ερμού 300 Καφενείο

Location:               Cyprus - Nicosia (Historical Centre)

Plot Size:              1,040m²

Built Surface Area:     680m²

Date of Origin:         1800 (Estimated)

Construction Date:      2010 Rehabilitation (Mix Use)

   In 2012 an open air, traditional but unconventional coffee shop was created in the vast interior garden, where the historical and traditional scenery was mixed and matched to the European design trend, the outcome of which produced a shaker of pimped traditional cocktails and bites, deriving from local inspiration and ingredients, influenced the rich French and Italian impact in the history of Cyprus.


   The coffee shop quickly became a hot spot for young, casual, authentic Cyprus lovers, local or foreign, who embraced and became part of what was soon to become the Ermou 300 Culture…




Cyprus, Nicosia


ermou300kafeneio full with photo bottom.
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