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Location: Cyprus - Nicosia - Geri

Plot size: 923m2

Built Surface Area: 300m2

Covered Terraces: 237m2 

Garden: 651m2

Construction Date: Work in Progress


   Situated within a residential surrounding, the initial concept and scope of the project was to obstruct all possible adjacent incoming views and create a private, natural environment within the plot itself.


   The interior / exterior relationship of the house and garden was a top of the list factor and element to consider through the introduction of large sliding openings and shaded panels, creating pleasant shaded areas throughout the year, while allowing the light to be filtered throughout the entire residence.  


   The ground floor open plan areas (entrance lobby, living, dining and kitchen) have direct garden / pool views extending outwards to a large covered terrace which secures freshness and shade throughout the long and extremely hot summer months.


   The landscaped garden and swimming pool orientation secure the air freshness to filter through the residence ground floor while the upper floor plunging garden views create a pleasant private environment to the bedrooms upstairs. 


   Renewable sources of energy and automated smart system integrations secure low energy consumption and make this residential project environmentally friendly in more ways than one.


   Last but not least, the aesthetics, choice of materials, color palette, selection of furniture and landscaped vegetation add to the natural and organic aspect intended.


Cyprus, Nicosia, Geri



May 2023

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