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Location: Cyprus - Larnaca - Aradippou

Plot size: 6340m2

Built Surface Area: 607m2

Roof Terrace: 220m2

Garden: 4528m2

Public Green Areas: 799m2

Infrastructure: 1013m2

Construction Date: Work in Progress


   Situated within a natural surrounding of fields in the rural sector of Aradippou, this project has two basic scopes:


   1. To create a residence that offers itself to the natural surroundings, and scenery while taking account of the very specific climatic and environmental factors (orientation, sunlight, prevailing winds…).


   2. To create a surrounding to the residence via its own landscaped gardens that offers a natural environment with local vegetation, aromatic plants, herbs and trees that play a major and daily role via their contribution to the offering of shade, odours and kitchen use.


   The interior / exterior relationship of the house and garden is always on the top of the list but in this case especially the aim was to provide garden views within and around the entire residence and throughout all its functions and attributed spaces.


   The introduction of an interior garden as a core, around which the entire house evolves, while at the same time offering itself to the vast outdoor landscaped gardens via large openings and shaded canopies, creates a natural atmosphere to be lived throughout the 365 days of the year, no matter the season, offering extensive and pleasant shaded areas throughout the long summer days, while allowing the sunlight and warmth to penetrate through the entire residence during the winter months.  


   All the ground floor areas and functions (entrance lobby, living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms) open outwards to interior and exterior gardens and/or pool views, extending to large covered terraces prolonging themselves to landscaped, aromatic vegetation, offering freshness and filtered sunlight throughout the year.


   The landscaped garden, swimming pool orientation and vegetation selection secure the air freshness filtering through the entire residence ground floor while the upper floor plunging garden terrace views create a pleasant private environment to the leisure functions upstairs (gym, spa, lounge, office, bbq…). 


   Due to the vastness of the plot and in an attempt to free the roof terrace from any equipment installation, all renewable sources of energy (i.e. photovoltaics) and E/M equipment have been allocated within specific areas of the plot, freeing the residence from any related encumbrance.


  Technical environmental attributes and elements such as thermal, water and acoustic insulation are of the highest specifications, as are the UV values of all glass surfaces and/or openings, securing low energy consumption throughout the year.


   Last but not least, the aesthetics, choice of materials, color palette, furniture, interior and exterior lighting concepts, automations and landscaped vegetation, have been thoroughly studied and designed and/or selected to enhance the comfort and natural / organic conditions intended.


Cyprus, Larnaca, Aradippou



November 2023

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