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Location:               Cyprus – Paralimni - Protaras

Plot Size:              9.600m²

Built Surface Area:     1.565m² + 2.300m² (Underground Parking)

Construction Date:      Work In Progress



     Located at barefoot walking distance from the clear blue Mediterranean waters of the island’s south west coast in Protaras - Paralimni, this private residential complex comprises of 11 luxury villas of simple, pure and aesthetic architectural design, master planned and landscaped within a variety of local vegetation and serene views.


     The absence of the unnecessary combined with the simplicity of the architectural forms, materials and colour palette in coordination with the custom selected equipment, services and furniture of the villas, create a new trend setting experience for the client whereby a variety of alternative options are to be selected accordingly: 


●    Plots ranging from 210m² to 810m². 

●    Landscaped gardens ranging from 85m² to 685m². 

●    3/4/5 Bedroom Villas ranging from 130m² to 320m². 

●    Each villa is equipped with its own private Spa functions including sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and gym. 

●    24 private underground covered parking spaces. 

●    Extensive underground storage, services and equipment areas for each villa. 

●    Renewable sources of energy (photovoltaic panels).

●    Class A energy efficiency certificates for each villa. 

●    Direct access to the beach. 

●    Concierge service. 

●    24/7 Security surveillance and guarding.


      The eco-friendly architectural approach is reflected via the strategically orientated layouts and selection of natural materials in direct relation to the master plan landscaped selection of local vegetation.


     The simplicity and modularity of the architectural design make each villa easily transformable to various layout alternatives whereby flexibility and customization offer numerous options to be selected by the client. 


     Blind walls along the south facades secure protection from direct exposure to the sun and the very high summer temperatures while simultaneously offering privacy from and to each villa.


     Sliding shading panels along the east and west facades also act as filters to the sun and secure privacy while simultaneously giving the villas a modular and refined aesthetic aspect.


     Large shaded horizontal elements identical to the sliding panels secure extensive shaded areas within each villa’s interior and exterior spaces allowing for large open vertical surfaces blending the interior spaces with the exterior landscaped gardens.


     All direct, indirect, natural and/or artificial lighting concept features and specifications are eco-friendly and contribute to the refined aesthetics of the project as a whole.


     Last but not least, considering the location and its surroundings, the environmental approach and awareness of the project are paramount factors, whereby renewable sources of energy (photovoltaics) and Class A energy efficiency / low consumption systems and equipment result in low maintenance costs and almost entirely automated running of each villa and the project as a whole via the incorporation of smart systems through user friendly applications adaptable and personalized to each villa according to the client’s requests and specifications.


     For further information, details and specifications please contact us.


Cyprus, Paralimni



April 2023

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