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Location:               Cyprus – Nicosia - Lakatamia - Archangelos

Plot Size:              24.500m²

Built Surface Area:     2.000m²

Construction Date:      2018



   Situated in Archangelos, Lakatamia, within the Nicosia district, the APOEL FC Training Center and Company Headquarters was completed in 2018 comprising of 1.505m² of built up sports facilities, 495m² dedicated to the company offices, 2 regular sized football fields and various green areas dedicated to related sports activities.


   The entire ground floor is dedicated to the APOEL FC sports facilities apart from the North West entrance lobby to the company headquarters, which stretches out on the first floor of the Western block and includes the administration, marketing, accounting, academy and board of directors offices.


   Below the company headquarters on ground level, is the football team spa and rehabilitation area, comprising of an indoor heated swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi areas.


   The North / South block features the football team changing rooms, wet rooms, gym room, physiotherapy, medical, technical and storage rooms where as the upper floor comprises the football manager team office, changing rooms, scouting office, conference room, seminar rooms, television and projector rooms, games room, rest room and wet rooms.


   The concrete foundation flat slab anchors the steel structure of the entire premises to the ground while light structured concrete floor slabs and dry wall insulated partitions create the interior and exterior areas, spaces and envelopes of the project, allowing any modification, transformation and extension possible if necessary according to both the football team and company headquarter necessities in the future.


   Significant works and upgrades were also made to the general surrounding sports premises such as the football fields and parking areas, especially regarding lighting and surveillance features, while state of the art electrical, mechanical and equipment systems have been installed throughout the entire premises, making the APOEL FC Training Center and Company Headquarters amongst the few of its kind across Europe.




Cyprus, Nicosia,

Lakatamia, Archangelos


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