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International Competition for the Urban and Architectural Regeneration of the Athens Historical City Center

Location:               Greece – Athens

Project Size:           1.915.258 m²



    The main urban planning objective of the proposal is the creation of new transport parameters (trams, trolleys, buses, pedestrian walkways and cycle paths) that relate and coexist in the greater extents and context of the Historical Triangle in general.


     The creation of a network of 'polymorphic sustainable mobility corridors' consisting of main tram and/or trolley traffic routes, flanked by pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and tree planting within the Historical Triangle, combined with the removal and/or marginalization of cars, will result in a new prospect of developing, enhancing and strengthening the new uses, functions and services that will be strategically created, located and in relation to the existing built-up areas which require, to say the least, serious rejuvenation.

     The use of cars, whether by residents, traders or by visitors, should be regulated and strictly controlled (application of access in between pop-up stacks), planned (within specific and denominated hours of access, loading and unloading) and based on automation systems but also on advanced technology (correlation, ratio and allocation of specific parking spaces to residents and/or visitors) by region.


Greece, Athens



June 2019

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