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Location:               Cyprus – Nicosia - Aglantzia

Plot Size:              793m²

Built Surface Area:     880m²

Construction Date:      Work In Progress



   Situated in Aglantzia, within the Nicosia district, this 4 storey office-hub building stands out by its geometric simplicity, modularity and palette of materials.


   The ground floor interior space can be transformed into various functions depending on the desired necessities, whether to accommodate conferences, seminars or even private office boxes, on a rent and/or purchase basis.


   The secure, private and filtered entrance to the upper floors lead to various layouts of offices that may also be transformed and modified at will, due to the floating raised floors permitting electrical installations to be flexible.


   Hence the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors can be treated either as a single group / company office space, or as various alternatives of separate, full floor office spaces, perhaps even as office hubs on separate per/m² rental basis, via the intermediate flexible boxed partitions with various possibilities regarding the materials ranging from glass to dry walls, all accordingly insulated acoustically upon request.


   The 2nd floor acts as a buffer zone between all storeys, offering an in-house cafeteria / restaurant area to serve all office employees and to cater all functions and/or events taking place on the ground floor modular space.


   The large outdoor garden terrace is ideal for catering services, relevant or independent to the building functions and activities as due to the vast indoor open plan layout, storage space and kitchen facilities, it could even function independently during non office hours and days as a fine dining restaurant, combining the indoor and outdoor spaces at will.


Cyprus, Nicosia, Aglantzia



December 2020

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