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Location:               Cyprus – Nicosia - Aglantzia

Plot Size:              793m²

Built Surface Area:     896m²

Construction Date:      Work In Progress


  Situated in Aglantzia, within the Nicosia district, this 4 storey residential building stands out by its geometric simplicity, extended garden levels and palette of materials.


  Aiming to respond to the upcoming urban demands as a result of the expanding university campuses nearby and to the rising demand of related accommodation services, the project concept has been designed to enhance its residents’ necessities.


  Residential and commercial parking spaces respond to the relative apartment and potential commercial use (cafeteria or other) at ground floor level.


  The pivoting floors revolving from the main vertical circulation core create vast covered balconies for each apartment while at the same time offering extended multi level roof terrace gardens for exclusive use by the residents, privileging them to large surfaces of green and vegetation.


Cyprus, Nicosia, Aglantzia



September 2021

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