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Location:               Cyprus – Pyla - Larnaca

Plot Size:              3.747m²

Built Surface Area:     1.479m²

Construction Date:      Work In Progress



   Situated in Pyla, within the Larnaca district and only a 5 minute walk away from the Mediterranean Sea, this 3 storey mix use project has the advantage of being extremely flexible and transformable, as to the functions and services it comprises of, depending on whether it shall be developed for private or public use.


   The ground floor has been designed to accommodate various public functions ranging from restaurants, cafeterias, gym, spa, shops or even a boutique hotel and/or apartment reception area, acting as an access control filter to the residential functions above.


   Depending on the desired apartment layout, various scenarios of independent Boutique Hotel/Apartment Suites, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and or 3 Bedroom residential units have been allocated, prioritising the privacy, orientation and view factors.


  The flexibility and modularity factor is the biggest advantage of this project as an entire floor can be easily transformed from 12 boutique hotel suites, to 3 luxurious residential apartments with private swimming pools, or even a full floor private penthouse.


   Initially the project has been designed to accommodate the following functions and services:


   Ground Floor - Restaurant, Cafeteria, Gym, Spa and Shop.


   First Floor  – Suites for rent (12 x 32m²/35m²)


   Second Floor – Two Bedroom Apartments (4 x 72m²)


   Third Floor  - Penthouse (1 x 144m²)



   Depending on the type of residential units requested, no matter the layout desired, each floor offers vast balconies, terraces and swimming pools for private and/or shared usage.


   The vast ground floor outdoor areas and landscaped gardens, offer the possibility for relevant and/or independent services, functions and activities, all with the equivalent parking space distribution necessary.


Cyprus, Nicosia,




December 2020

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