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Location:               Cyprus – Nicosia - Evrychou

Plot Size:              255m²

Built Surface Area:     150m²

Date of Origin:         1900 (Estimated)

Construction Date:      Work In Progress


   Situated in Evrychou village within the Nicosia district, the cottage rehabilitation has been conceived in such a way that all traditional architectural features, elements and materials of the existing listed residence, dating back to the 1900’s, have been preserved and meticulously treated as the historical and sentimental value of the residence to the owners was the most important element to be respected by the architects and a non negotiable factor to both parties.


   The cottage consists of three bedrooms, none of which en suite as in the old days the wet rooms were situated externally across a small courtyard, a small kitchenette in an annex building and a living / dining area also present in the annex building adjacent to the kitchen.


   The renovation part consisted of upgrading the private sector of the cottage by introducing a common and shared en suite wet room to the two smaller family rooms, while also introducing a larger en suite bathroom in the master bedroom.


   Outside the private sector of the cottage and across the small courtyard, the kitchen was also upgraded as regards to equipment, while opening one of its walls to the courtyard by creating a counter bar / table makes it directly accessible from the courtyard itself.

Similarly the adjacent living / dining area was also opened to the courtyard by introducing sliding / opening windows which not only bring more light to the north facade interior area of the annex building, but also create a pleasant interior / exterior relationship with the courtyard.


   The presence of a giant lemon tree in the courtyard produces pleasant shading, giant lemons, delicious lemonades and marmalades throughout the spring and summer seasons and was yet another non negotiable feature and element of the project agreed upon by both the client and architect.


   Large river boulders taking up the entire courtyard flooring were also left intact, while traditional Cypriot pottery was selected to create planters for traditional vegetation, shrubs and aromatic herbs, making the maintenance and cleaning factor easier.


   The cottage rehabilitation and renovation is one of the two residences of the project, as the design for the construction of a new separate annex as an extension to the existing residence in an adjacent plot exactly opposite the cottage was also undertaken.




Cyprus, Nicosia, Evrychou

November 2019

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