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Location:               Cyprus – Larnaca

Plot Size:              14,102 m²

Built Surface Area:     60 m²

   Perhaps one of the biggest problems in Cyprus in the field of architecture, town planning and landscaping, is the fact that we tend to forget, ignore and not give the appropriate importance and promotion to the rich history of our country and/or each of its cities individually.


    This rich history of thousands of years defined our architectural heritage, culture, customs, traditions, vegetation and even the flavors and odors with which we grew up and which we encounter in our everyday life, in the society, the city, the village and even in the kitchen of our home.


     International inspirations, let alone in architecture, whereby one can refer to a huge palette of ideas, methods of construction, materials, colors and shapes, but it is equally important to remember our roots, our identity, our authenticity as a people, which is what makes each and every one of us so different from all the other peoples.


     The very palette of our own country, historically, culturally and geographically is in itself the biggest inspirations of all.


Cyprus, Larnaca



June 2020

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