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Location:               Cyprus – Larnaca

Plot Size:              2.766 m²

Built Surface Area:     3.559 m²

   At a time when social distancing is becoming mandatory due to the Covid-19 pandemic, social housing should, if anything, be assessed on different criteria and with a completely new approach, at least as regards to assembly and isolation.


   We should no longer take for granted the fundamental right of everyone to benefit from decent quality housing with basic amenities at an affordable price, regardless of social level, but we should also ensure that everyone has the right to benefit from necessary and minimum safety and health parameters, both in everyday life as well as in crisis situations, adverse events, pandemics and extreme conditions.


   The social (to say the least) distance can nowadays be considered as luxury, without any dose of exaggeration.


    A luxury that architecturally translates into minimal cost, since it is the void, the unstructured, urban and public infrastructure, that can be transformed into open air green spaces, parks and natural, landscaped ‘lungs’ among the structured networks of the city.


    However, the void may also have additional advantages such as that of its exploitation, configuration and transformation, depending on the circumstances, conditions and needs.


    In order to do this, it must be standardised, as well as structured, so as to ensure methodology and organisation, avoiding what may in one particular era be considered right and necessary, but in another and under different circumstances, factors and events, prove to be, if anything, outdated. 


Cyprus, Larnaca



July 2020

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