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Location:             E.A.P.V.S. Paris / France

Dated:                2001

Project:              Dissertation



   Usually we perceive our ephemeral experiences as experiences of transition, of indefinite duration. We therefore believe that such experiences are relatively inconsistent. But even if they are temporary in their duration, their impact can be permanent. A childhood memory can become the most powerful memory and the most engraved in our head to the point where our whole life becomes a prisoner. It is therefore the power of the experience rather than its duration that is more striking and important and that inflicts its meaning and effect.

   The erection of a building that spans an extended period of time remains etched in our memory as an event. A temporary structure, erected quickly with a specific meaning but of short duration will have an aspect of phenomenon under a constant aspect of intrigue and questioning because the idea of ​​its future disappearance will evoke new thoughts relating to its next function and its function. possible replacement. 

   The possibility of destruction, which is imminent in any architectural work, inevitably affects the notion of its creation and its usefulness. Because without maintenance, any work eventually suffers from degradation which can be fatal. Mobile architecture can be seen as having more of a relation to the recyclable factor of life, because in its destruction lies its reconstruction, thus creating an inexhaustible cycle of life which reflects that of all life present on earth.          


Cyprus, Nicosia




2001-2002-Memoir PL Total_Page_65.jpg
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