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Location:               Cyprus – Nicosia - Vyzakia

Plot Size:              7.530m²

Built Surface Area:     184m²

Construction Date:      Work In Progress



   Situated in Vyzakia village in the Nicosia district, the Container Home is a perfect example of how a low budget does not necessarily result in low quality construction and/or aesthetics.


   Designed for a young couple, this minimal concept combines strict orthogonal volumes, open spaces and raw materials in an attempt to blend in but simultaneously stand out from the surrounding natural countryside.


   The independent flat slab anchors the steel structured ground floor rectangular open plan box to the flat ground itself, on top of which another steel structure rectangular box encloses the private sector and another prefabricated container becomes the play room.


   The ground floor living room area and kitchen ‘extend’ to the South - East garden and valley view via full length and full height sliding windows while the blind North – West walls create the necessary privacy and sound barrier from the nearby main road.


   Both upper floor rectangular boxes vast cantilevers create the necessary shading to the ground floor living area protecting it from the hot summer sun cycle.


   The concrete slab, steel structure, insulating bricks and corrugated sandwich panels are the main materials used in this project following the client’s request for an industrial style, modern but simple, pure and functional household, with the possibility to expand and evolve in the future.


   The exterior landscaping comprises of basic traditional Cypriot trees and shrubs, selected to be low maintenance and aromatic due to the prevailing westerly winds.


Cyprus, Vyzakia Village



August 2020

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